About Me

Sladjan Mitojevic is a successful businessman from Canada with several financial services. After graduating from the University from Quebec, he started working at several financial institutions. He is financially skilled and has wide range financial know-how. He started working for himself when he acquired enough experience.

Besides being a mortgage broker, he is also an independent insurance broker. Because of his different experiences in the financial sections, he is able to have a broader perception of finance. Thus he can give multidisciplinary advice. Furthermore he has a far better understanding and insight of financial situations. This means that he will be able to give advice in any situation.

    These are a few services I provide:

    •  Whether it is your first or second mortgage;

    • Renewal or refinancing of your mortgage;

    •  Good or bad credit score;

    •  Commercial or private mortgages;

    I will help you getting low interest rates, low monthly payments under acceptable terms and conditions.

      Please feel free to contact me today if you have any questions about my services.

      You can contact me by sending me an email contact@courtier.me or by calling 1 (514) 582-2760.

      Contact information

      (Northeast - Life insurance and Mortgage and AGC Groupe Concorde - Damage Insurance)
      800 Decarie Blvd, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 3L5