As a business owner and because of my years of experience in the financial field, I know exactly which business insurance will be most suitable. Clients are always very satisfied with my personal approach. Every situation is different and clients always have their own priorities, needs and wishes. Considering these factors and asking the right questions will result in various options and reasonable rates.

Choosing an insurance broker for your business insurance will save you time, effort and money. I will make sure you are able to take your business to the next level, knowing it’s protected. Having a business can be risky; we all know the term risky business. Anything can happen and the consequences can be disastrous.

  • You can be held liable. Lawsuits might cost thousands.

  • Your business can be damaged by a fire or leakage. Besides repairing costs it will also mean your business will temporary be closed. Therefor you will miss out on revenue.

Having the right insurance will make sure your business has the protection you want and need. It doesn’t matter whether you have a home based business or an enterprise. Because of my years of experience, I am able to know and research which insurance is best for your situation. Business insurance is a broad term for different types of insurance. I will give a short introduction of some existing insurances.

    • Liability insurances. In case someone starts a lawsuit against your company. That can be for example:

      • General liability. When someone gets harmed on your business property.

      • Product/ professional. This is when your business is liable when someone is harmed as a result of a product or professional service your company provided. This means your employees and products are covered within the business insurance.

    • Property insurances. This kind of insurance is necessary if you want to be covered when something happens to your business property. For example when your company was set on fire and the building is severely damage. In that case you have not only lost the property itself but also future revenues.

      Clients have their own preferences for business insurance coverage. This also differs from the business area. Some might want to be protected against liability claims or loss of business income. These are quite specific coverages. That’s why it is important to have a good talk with your insurance broker.

      Usually you will get a discount if your combine different insurances. You will also have to think about which part of your business you want to insure. What kind of property or products does it include? Maybe you have a commercial sign next to a high way or company cars. I will make sure you think of all the elements.

      It is key to know which belongings are part of your business and which are part of your personal property. When you have a homebased business this might get mixed up. I will help you decide, by giving you the financially most beneficial options.

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