If you are forced to take high risk insurance, it probably means you had some unfortunate damages in the past. I will make sure that your new insurance will give you more comfort and have reasonable terms and conditions. Because of my years of experience in the financial business, I will easily find insurances that will be suitable for your personal situation.

    Clients, who are forced to get high risk insurance, are under the presumption that it always is expensive. This isn’t always case. Not every insurance broker is equipped to present several options for you. Be sure to choose an unbiased experienced broker someone with extensive knowledge. It would be a loss to pay a lot for your high risk insurance. I would very much advise you to commit to insurance even though it is high risk insurance. If you don’t have insurance you are liable for much more than the cost of your insurance.

      There are different kinds of high risk insurance. There is high risk car insurance or high risk home insurance. Usually the coverage of high risk insurance is the same as normal risk insurances. While choosing the coverage you need it is also important to discuss what you want and can afford. High risk insurance are usually more expensive that regular insurance. Thus it is only reasonable if you think about this factor before committing yourself to a high priced insurance.

        High risk home insurance might be less common but as difficult. An insurance broker will be able to give you options. It is also important that clients express their wishes. An insurance broker will also explain the process to getting a reasonable insurance. I will explain that you will likely be marked high risk when:

        • You have had a lot of claims. Insurances will look at claim history.

        • You live in a high risk zone. The will look at criminal rates or even likelihood of natural disasters.  

        • You might have had some problems with paying or paying on time.

        Sometimes it will take years before you get rid of the high risk tag. Luckily an insurance broker will also help you work towards a normal risk insurance. Clients will get the advice to for example drive carefully and try to pay your bills on time.

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