As an experienced insurance broker, I have extensive knowledge about insurances. I will make sure that your home insurance has the coverage you wish and that fits your financial situation. The thought of something bad happening to your home is bad enough, but the right coverage might bring you ease. It’s in your own best interest to choose a solid home insurance, I will guide you through the process and I will be able to help with possible claims.

    Choosing a home insurance can be confronting and difficult. Hiring me as your home insurance broker will save you time and money. I will inform you which insurance is required. By discussing your personal situation, I will be able to decide on which coverage is necessary and what rates will be profitable. With my years of experience as an insurance broker I will even be able to give you tax advice. I am also aware of the fine print, making sure you are aware of all the terms and conditions.

      There are different kinds of home insurance, because of the type of home or you relation to the home. It could be a home or a condo or you can be a renter or a home owner.

        You might think that your condo is already insured by the building owner. It’s imperative that clients don’t have assumption about insurance and coverage but are fully aware of what is and isn’t insured. For example they might pay for the insurance of the condo building but not for their own personal assets that are in the condo. Therefor clients need to research their personal situation and their wishes. I will make sure that they have the condo insurance they need.

        Renter insurance might also be tricky to comprehend. Clients might be under the impression that their belongings are insured by the insurance that the landlord took on the house. This unfortunately is not the case. As a renter you should have separate insurance for coverage of their belongings. They might even need it for claims against them started by the landlord.

        A home insurance can cover different elements.

        • Your personal belongings. You should everything from your furniture to your clothes and jewelry.

        • Your home. The building itself and structures that are on your property like an outhouse.

        • Living expenses. If for example the damages to your house are so severe you are forced to check in a hotel for a few days

        As a mortgage broker I will also inform you about what isn’t covered by your home insurance and which factors determine the house insurance rate. 

        • What kind of home do you have? They will look at the conditions of your home.

        • What location? They will look at the crime rate of your neighborhood.

        • What is your claim history? They will look at how many times you filed a claim.

        • What kind of safety measures did you take? The will look at your security measures.

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