The mortgage contract will expire at some point. Some mortgage lenders will try to win you over with low mortgage rates for the first term. And assume that you will extend your mortgage agreement. Mortgage lenders will casually send the new agreement when it is time to extend the agreement and expect you not to look at the fine print. For the second term, they can increase the interest rates or change the terms and conditions. If you are not careful, you will end up having to pay sky-high interest rates after extending or renewing your mortgage.

Mortgage renewal is a service used by clients who are conscience of these scenarios and want to benefit from a mortgage renewal. Sometimes you yourself want to renewal your mortgage because your financial situation didn’t change for the better. As an experienced mortgage broker, I will guide you through this process and carefully research your options to renewal your mortgage. I will also consider your current mortgage, financial situation and the changed aspects. Together we will reassess the terms in your mortgage contract and take in account the changes.


What do you need to do?

    • Don’t wait for renewal until the last week before your mortgage contract will expire to contact a professional about mortgage renewal. Be ahead of time to think about your preferences and wishes and evaluate the conditions. Therefor I have enough time to consider the possibilities.

    • You need to know if there any great expenses you want to make in the future. For example a new car or starting your own company. This might cost you a great deal. It wouldn’t be smart to lengthen your mortgage. You need to plan out your possible future expenses against the advantages of renewing your mortgage.

      When it’s possible to renewal your mortgage, clients have to question their priorities. We can look into the possibility to minimize the number of years of their mortgage. It’s also possible to pay a sum of money when you choose to renew. This way you can shorten the term and be debt free as soon as possible.

      It is possible that your current or new mortgage lender will deny your renewal. This may have something to do with your financial situation. Together we will make sure that your financial situation is ideal for lenders.

      In some cases extending the contract is sufficient; in other cases a renewal is most beneficial. After recalculating the mortgage I will give you advice about the options you have. I will also look into and advice you about the different lenders. Sometimes you may encounter difficulties when requesting a mortgage renewal. Don’t worry. I will research the alternatives, because I can always have a solution for you. After being fully informed, you will be able to make a conscious decision about mortgage renewal.

      Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about our services.

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