Tips and Tricks

    I will give you ten free tips; just to make sure you are best informed.

    1. The most important tip is: hire a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker will be unbiased in his advice and he knows and will explain the process of buying a home. Because of his experience he can also warn you for bad situations and discuss with you future possibilities.

    2. The second tip is: get educated about your financial situation. Knowing your credit score can be insightful. Try to work towards getting a good credit score. How much will you be able to afford each month for you mortgage? Do you want to buy the house or will the house need to be renovated?

    3. The third tip is: get educated about the financial products. Do you know what the current interest rates are? Do you know if there tax reductions? Stay informed about the possibilities!

    4. The forth tip is: if you know you won’t be able to repay it, don’t buy it. For example buying a large villa when you have a low salary. If you borrow too much and agree to high monthly payments, you will have continues worry. Make sure you borrow an amount, which you can pay back with reasonable monthly payments.

    5. Tip number five, while searching for a mortgage lender, find someone trustworthy. Look for reviews from other clients. It all revolves around a big sum of money. Be cautious.

    6. Tip number six: it is not all about the credit score to be able to get a loan. A lender will research your past financial situation. It would be in your advantage if your history shows punctual payments.

    7. Tip number 7: Make sure you choose a mortgage type that fits your situation. There are different kinds of mortgages. Not every mortgage is going to fit your situation. Make sure that you have the mortgage that will be beneficial in the long run.

    8. Tip number 8: Try to save money every month. You can use this money for a down payment or for expenses. As a house owner you yourself are responsible for fixing damages in the house. Renovating you’re new home can be costly. You need to be aware of what you spend.

    9. Tip number 9: Read the conditions. When it’s time to sign the mortgage agreement, read the conditions. Make sure you know what it is that you’re signing.

    10. The last tip: be happy with your situation. Your mortgage shouldn’t be something to be continuously stressed about. You bought a beautiful house, enjoy it!

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