Do you want to go on vacation, knowing you are covered for unexpected situations? I will make sure you have the right covered for your vacation. There are a lot of insurers, this might be confusing. I can make sure you have the best travel insurance against the best rate.Traveling abroad can be exciting. A lot of things can happen during your vacation. It is imperative you are covered. The right travel insurance looks after the next few things:

    • Unforeseen situations during your vacation. This might include medical bills when you for example get sick or get into an accident on vacation. But also costs that come up if your belongings get stolen, for example your wallet.

    • Luggage that gets lost or stolen. During your travel you might not always have your luggage in sight. It often gets lost or stolen. Being reimbursed might ease the loss.

    • Missed or cancelled flights. It’s possible that you missed or cancelled your flight because of personal reason. If for example a death happened in the family or another reason you are not able to go.

      You never know what might happen during a trip. If you are on vacation abroad, you don’t understand the language or know how things work. Insurance agencies usually have contacts in every country, thus you are not only covered but they can also guide you through the process. Travel insurance also covers trips you make in your own country.
      Each insurance company has their own travel insurance products. This differs from medical travel insurance till special travel insurance for seniors. This way you are able to choose which travel insurance is best for your situation and the travel you are going to make. In some countries there is a high crime rate or health care might be very expensive. You can pick and choose which insurance is most appropriate. I will make sure I am aware of what you want and need during your vacation. I will give you the best options against the best rates. I will make sure you spend as little as possible on your travel insurance, so that you can spend the rest on your actual vacation.

      Here are a few helpful tips finding the right travel insurance.

      • Hire an insurance broker to help you find suitable and affordable travel insurance.

      • Make sure you know what your plans are for your vacation. Are you going to stay in one place or travel around? How are you going to travel?

      • Get informed about your destinations. Are there certain risks or certain factors you can already take in account? The same goes for the airline you are traveling with. Look at reviews about your airline and search news items about your destination.

      • Travel policies might have some loopholes.  Read the terms of the travel insurance policy. Learn about coverage and most important what isn’t covered.

      • Do you want a travel insurance for a single trip or continuous travel insurance?

      There are a lot of options. I am able to easily explain which travel insurance is best and you will most benefit from.  

      Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about our services.

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